About Simply Hannah

Simply Hannah focuses on special event coordination + management. I love to connect the dots + ensure everything runs smoothly. Remember it’s your special event so stressing about all the little details should be the last thing on your mind.

In addition to events, I’ve added more categories to show + tell my readers what I love as well: Cheers, Music, California (CA) Love + Inspiration. So be on the lookout for some fun photos + posts surrounding those topics!

About Hannah

I grew up in Northern California + relocated to Southern California for school years ago. I love LA! I love the weather, culture, music, art, food + everything else it has to offer. I’ve always been interested in planning, producing + executing special events so this blog allows me to explore my curiosity.  I’ll be documenting my progress + adding posts of all the special events I’ve helped out with.

When I’m not coordinating events or enjoying California, I’m a consultant of many other things… Enjoy my blog!

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